The first Yoga class

We all get to our first Yoga for various reasons; it might be physical, emotional or spiritual, for me it was the first. What is common is that we have no idea of what to expect.

In the physical its common for people to say “I’m looking to build flexibility, strenght, loose weight, do some excercise or achieve a posture”. In regard of the emotional, people look to reduce stress or “learn how to manage it”, creat a calm space to get to know yourself better. And as for the spiritual, people seek the movement meditation, connect to yourself or God (or any supreme being we belive in).

There’s no such thing as a good or a bad reason, there’s not a superior one. What matters is that we want to try. The good news is that we’ll always get all the benefits. In my experience, those who come looking “just to get more flexible”, also leave relaxed. And those who are there for the meditative benefits, get stronger and more flexible.

We expect so much from our first class, specially when we have no idea of what Yoga is. Sometimes we have so many expectation, that is a bit overwhelming, and we end up not showing at all, because we are afraid of “not being able to do it”. But remember, all you need to bring is an open mind.

The first yoga class is a complex experience. You don’t really get what’s going on. We are no usually connected to our body enough to understand what “right foot forward” means, sometimes we are not entirely sure wich one is the right foot. Many teachers (me included) use names in Sanskrit, so it’s hard to understand the instruction. We listen around, and everyone is breathing at the same time, and sound a bit like Darth Vader. We see around and everyone is so focused. The teacher is either not looking at me, or is looking way too much, and we feel our body is simply not built to do what she’s asking me to do. All of this is normal, and it’s a matter of practice to get a hold of what’s going on. So don’t give up, and remember it’s all a process.