Take a break!

There are days when I have full on energy, I'm up for everything, and I feel like I can take on the world. Go to yoga or train isn't an effort, and I end up with the feeling that I could still keep going on... but those are not most of the days! Just opening my eyes and getting out of bed seem like work enough other days, my muscles are tired and overcharged, my mind can give me plenty of reasons why it would be a good idea to skip my training and my practice. 

I used to think that it only counted, and would give me a noticeable result if I would leave dripping sweat and dishevelled. If this were true, only people who dedicate their life to exercising, and train 6 days a week would see results, and all of us wouldn't stand a chance to make it... this worked for me on Mondays with a "start with the right foot the week", Tuesdays and maybe Thursdays. I'd leave it all, pushing my body to the limits, so I would spend the resto of the week walking like a robot and all sore. And don´t even get me started on the frustration that you couldn't see the results, and it would take me up to a year to lose a pound.   

Discipline and habits are what make a difference. Remember that it's usual that our mind wonders, drifting us away from our goal, so we must make real hard work to overcome it. Take advantage of the easy "full on energy" days, but remember that the ones that count are the hard ones. It doesn't matter if we can only give 30% of our potential or stay down in child pose the whole class, breathing. 

Start by setting an achievable goal. If you're not that active, two or three days a week are perfect, you can bring that number up in time. If you already have an exercise routine, make it five or six days a week, no excuses!

It's important to be active, it keeps our bones and muscles healthy, it's a great way of releasing stress and recharge our energy levels. Learning to have a balanced life is as much as going to the gym or Yoga studio, as it is to learn how to rest. You can do a little stretching session on your desk, meditate, take a Yin Yoga class or just rest. 

Don't spend every day without exercising. Don't push so much you don´t want to come back the next day. When you rest, your body is taking up on the benefits of the exercise, you prevent injury and your inmune system repairs your joints and muscles - thats when they start to grow and define. It takes two weeks of inactivity for you to lose progress. Overtraining charges our muscles, affects our sleep, and our inmune system can overheat. When we train with weight, your inmune system has to repair the tearing of the muscle, and if you don't give it a proper break, you start having injuries. 

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes... including you." -Anne Lammot.