Tips towards a healthier lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not impossible, and it doesn't require the enormous changes we usually associate with it. You can start small, so here are some tips to help you... not that you didn't know about them:

1. Get enough sleep: That's how we help our body function properly and with its healing processes. But try not to oversleep in the morning, it'll make you feel tired. 

2. Be conscious about what you eat: moderation is a good tip! Notice what you put in your mouth, read the labels, and try to do some research on every ingredient you can't pronounce or that your grandmother wouldn't know of. Try to stay away (as much as you can) from processed food, and if you can, go for the organic choice! Food is your body's fuel, so think if you would pour diesel on a gasoline motor, and expect it to run just fine. What would be the difference on eating things that are not food (or not made for human consumption), and expecting your body to work well and not to get sick?                                                                                                                                                                                   "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -Hippocrates

3. Exercise: move! Let your body sweat, get rid of toxins, waste and other substances. Remember: if they're not getting out, they build up inside your body. Exercise helps to balance your energy, keep healthy your muscles, joints, organs, bones, and releases stress. Yoga (for me) is an excellent choice!

4. Spend time in nature: whether it's a barefoot walk on grass or getting out of the city to enjoy time surrounded by trees, animals, water, and green. Disconnect from stressors, and let nature spread it's benefits on you. The daily routine can be overwhelming if you don't find a way of getting off from time to time.  

5. Laugh: as much as you can. There are wonderful benefits we get from laughing, but if you don't quite buy them, think that at least you'll bring a smile into someone else's day.