My yoga story

No, I didn't want to try it at first!

I had always practiced sports, but I usually enjoyed very strong and intense exercises. After a few months of doing crossfit my mom was worried I would "go crazy" with it. She offered to pay for my yoga classes, but I refused to try because "that's for old ladies who can't do anything else". 

She came to me one day and said she had already paid a studio for me to try. If I tried, and didn't like it, she wouldn't bother me anymore, but if I didn't try at least once, she wouldn't pay for my crossfit anymore. I was still studying, so if I wanted to keep training I had to go. 

I stepped into my first class, Hatha. I had no idea what it was about, and of course I thought I had to master every pose the teacher led us to. It was supposed to be easy right? My mom, 50 years old, was next to me... I didn't make it through the first pose. I didn't know how to breath, so I blacked out, and spent the entire class on child's pose trying to catch up with her, but I couldn't get off the floor. 

That got me completely hooked. How was it possible that by apparently doing so little I was doing so much. Unconsciously I knew it wasn't the physical work, but I'm grateful that's what got me caught up. I would even go twice a day sometimes.